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Urban Sketching

Pencil is a wonderful medium to capture the urban environment. Most of us are familiar with drawing with pencil from our school days so it’s an unintimidating medium to work with and perfect for the novice sketcher.

The quick, soft lines of pencil are fast and fluid, allowing the sketcher to capture the hustle and bustle of the city. Hard pencils are beautiful for drawing the crisp lines of architecture, whilst the softer pencils and perfect for organic shapes such as people and trees.

We set out to develop a range of pencils that contains the perfect selection of pencils for the urban sketcher. The set features softer pencils (6B — HB) for heavier line weights and shading along with harder pencils (6h — H) for delicate, light, precise linework.


A5 Urban
Drawing Book

I’ve used many different types of sketchbooks over the years and some perform better than others. I started to think about what a perfect urban sketchbook would look like and what features my ideal sketchbook would have.

A sketchbook for urban drawing has to be robust enough to cope with the rough and tumble of sketching outdoors. Thrown into a bag, jammed in a case, dropped on the ground and having liquid spilled over it are just a few of the trials and tribulations of the Urban Sketchbook.

So I started to design my perfect sketchbook for drawing in the urban environment. This would be the first sketchbook specifically designed for urban artists, by an urban artist.

I’m very excited to announce that we have produced a limited number of these Urban Drawing books that are now available for to order.


Urban Drawing
Pigment Liners

A fine liner ink pen is my preferred medium every time for urban sketching. It is the supreme line-drawing pen, delivering fluid and precise lines, giving the sketcher freedom to create whatever the circumstances.

Fine liner pen has immediacy and precision is hard to achieve with other ink media and delivers a high level of predictability of line, so the sketcher doesn’t have to worry about unreliable results. Boldly making marks on paper with a fine liner pen is  quite exhilarating and highly addictive. I love it.

I’ve used lots of different pens over the years and my pen case contains a few of my favourite pens. But when I was approached to design my own range of pens, I took the best features from the pens that I enjoyed working with and to create the perfect pen for urban sketchers

I’m excited to announce that we have a limited number of Urban Drawing pen sets now available for purchase on my website.


Shoreditch Sketcher Mugs

Sip the beverage of your choice from the weighty and stylish Shoreditch Sketcher mug.


42 Colour Solid Urban Watercolour Set

Watercolour is a great medium to capture urban scenes if you have the right set. When I’m out in the urban environment I need watercolours to be easy to use and very portable — there’s no time for elaborate tubes of paint, mixing pans and jars of water. A lot of urban sketchers enjoy using watercolour to create an Ink and Wash effect, so I decided to find a set that would fit the bill.


Tote Bags

Tote Bags - Soho

£14.95 £10.00

Tote Bag - Shoreditch

£14.95 £10.00

Tate: Sketch Club Urban Drawing

Tate Sketch Club:
Urban Drawing

Urban sketching has become one of the biggest art trends of the last decade. Featuring 20 clear and easy step-by-step exercises, Sketch Club: Urban Drawing is your essential guide to putting your drawing skills into practice. You’ll learn how to start, when to stop and how to fix common mistakes when drawing your favourite urban spots.



Palma de Mallorca

From: £29.95 £19.95

The Ritz, London

From: £29.95 £19.95

Regent Sounds, London

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The City of London

From: £29.95 £19.95

Columbia Road Flower Market

From: £29.95 £19.95

Shoreditch, London

From: £29.95 £19.95


From: £29.95 £19.95

Regents Canal, Hackney

From: £29.95 £19.95


From: £29.95 £19.95