Tate: Sketch Club Urban Drawing – Signed

Featuring 20 clear and easy step-by-step exercises, Tate Sketch Club: Urban Drawing is an essential guide to putting your drawing skills into practice. You’ll learn how to start, when to stop and how to fix common mistakes when drawing your favourite urban spots.


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Packed with all the energy and inspiration of a drawing group, this is the ideal book for anyone looking to take their urban drawing further, learn or perfect your urban drawing skills or just develop your own unique style.

The aim of the book is to inspire you to sketch in the urban environment. It contains many of the hard-won tips and tricks Phil has learned over a lifetime of sketching.

Starting out at the beginning of your sketching journey – how to get the right equipment and materials, and how to get yourself sketch-ready – the book concludes with ways of adding the finishing touches that complete your artworks.

In between, it explores ways to loosen up on location, and learn the basics of perspective, composition and measurement. It also investigates how adding tone and colour in the context of urban sketching can be transformative.

Each section is accompanied by an exercise so you can follow along and sketch with Phil, and see your skills develop as you move through the book.

“Drawing in urban spaces also gives you a completely new way in which to engage with a city – to sketch a city is to truly see it. This could mean experiencing a new city on a completely different level or seeing a familiar place through fresh eyes.

Urban sketching is very different to studio-based drawing such as life drawing or still life. You are out in a public environment, part of the landscape and embedded in your surroundings. You have to embrace the freedom it provides to capture unique combinations of static buildings and ever-moving people and vehicles.

Sketching in a city environment is an exciting and unique experience. The streets throb with energy and pulse with life. From the soaring skyscrapers of New York to the ancient architecture of Rome, wherever you turn, the city delivers unique sketching opportunities”.

Let’s get sketching!

Phil Dean,
The Shoreditch Sketcher


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There is no better way to capture a scene than sketching live on location and there is something very true about the result. It will never be a photographic representation but the spirit of the scene is evident and the very essence of the subject matter is captured in a way that photography never can.

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