A5 Urban Drawing Book

An A5 portrait format sketchbook is my go-to size and format for sketching on the move. It’s agile, unobtrusive and practical, and the double-page spread is large enough to capture the bigger scenes, while also being perfect for more intimate sketches. It’s the perfect size to fit in a pocket or bag — because you always want your sketchbook to hand.


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Why not add the Shoreditch Sketcher Pens too?


The cover construction is robust and practical, with a linen effect finish that will wipe clean and is splash proof. My signature cover comes in the unique Shoreditch Sketcher Asphalt Grey colour, complementing the urban landscape perfectly. The cover is understated, professional and elegant with a debossed Shoreditch Sketcher logo on the reverse.


The book binding technique used in the book is perfect bound and the 96 pages are section sewn thus ensuring a very strong binding – the pages won’t shed easily. The binding also allows the book to lie flat so drawings can easily stray across both sides of the spread.


The paper is a super smooth 160gsm off-white ivory paper. For urban drawing, I like a smooth finish to the paper to allow the lines to flow smoothly. I specified a paper that is thick enough to prevent excessive show-through from media such as pen and pencil.

The paper has been specified specifically to support the following media;

  • Fineliner Pen – all kinds of fineliner pens perform extremely well on the paper, both water and pigment-based pens
  • Marker – colours lay flat beautifully and blending is made easier due to the smooth surface. Bleed through is to be expected on non-bleed through paper, but the weight of the paper minimises this.
  • Pencil – graphite and coloured pencils deliver excellent results, particularly when shading and building colour
  • Fountain pen / pen & ink – the finish of the paper provides satisfying and smooth line delivery when using traditional ink
  • Charcoal / pastel – the stability of the paper means the paper performs well with these media types

Elastic Closure Band

The elastic closure band comes in the Shoreditch Sketcher Asphalt colour, stylishly complementing the outer cover. It will keep loose drawings or notes secure in your book, preventing pages falling open accidentally when sketching. It will also hold your page securely when sketching in a breezy location.

Page Ribbon

The page ribbon comes in the distinctive Shoreditch Sketcher Rust colour, allowing you to identify your sketchbook straight away and get to the first blank page to start sketching immediately. This colour is unique to the Urban Drawing book.

Document Pocket

A useful document pocket is located on the inside back cover of the book. This expandable pocket is perfect for location sketching ephemera such as receipts or visual references for sketching.


The first edition of the Urban Drawing Sketchbook comes with a free bookmark to use either with the sketch book as an additional page marker or for use elsewhere. It features useful Sketch Tips and Tricks to help when you’re sketching out and about.

Urban Drawing
Pigment Liners

A fine liner ink pen is my preferred medium every time for urban sketching. It is the supreme line-drawing pen, delivering fluid and precise lines, giving the sketcher freedom to create whatever the circumstances.

Fine liner pen has immediacy and precision is hard to achieve with other ink media and delivers a high level of predictability of line, so the sketcher doesn’t have to worry about unreliable results. Boldly making marks on paper with a fine liner pen is  quite exhilarating and highly addictive. I love it.

I’ve used lots of different pens over the years and my pen case contains a few of my favourite pens. But when I was approached to design my own range of pens, I took the best features from the pens that I enjoyed working with and to create the perfect pen for urban sketchers

I’m excited to announce that we have a limited number of Urban Drawing pen sets now available for purchase on my website.


The 2021 Calendar

The Shoreditch Sketcher 2021 calendar is now available to purchase.



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There is no better way to capture a scene than sketching live on location and there is something very true about the result. It will never be a photographic representation but the spirit of the scene is evident and the very essence of the subject matter is captured in a way that photography never can.

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