42 Colour Solid Urban Watercolour Set

Watercolour is a great medium to capture urban scenes if you have the right set. When I’m out in the urban environment I need watercolours to be easy to use and very portable — there’s no time for elaborate tubes of paint, mixing pans and jars of water. A lot of urban sketchers enjoy using watercolour to create an Ink and Wash effect, so I decided to find a set that would fit the bill.


There are a lot of watercolour sets out there and knowing what to choose can be quite daunting for the beginner, so I have developed a compact set of solid watercolours that are easy to pop in your bag and be ready to use at a minute’s notice. No fuss or mess.

The unique fan swatch design of my watercolour set means all colours are instantly and quickly available to use. The brush has a built-in water reservoir making the mixing of colour and water fast and easy. The set also has an integral colour mixing tray and a handy built-in sponge.

This set is perfect for budding sketchers starting out on their art journey who are keen to try a new medium. The set contains everything you need to add colour to your sketches:

  • 42 high density colours
  • Brush with integral water reservoir
  • Mixing tray
  • Sponge

There is a wide range of colours in the set – 42 highly saturable solid watercolour pans with reference numbers for the colours included. The pen is simple and intuitive to use, simply fill the reservoir and gently squeeze the barrel to release water on to the solid colour. When you’ve finished your sketch, you simply clip you pen back into its handy holder, close the fan and pop it into your bag.

Always remember to use water fast pigment liners when using watercolours to make sure that your linework doesn’t run or smudge. My pigment liners are 100% water fast and are perfect to use with this watercolour set.

Perfect for:

  • Beginners looking to experiment with ink and wash
  • Intermediate sketchers experimenting with watercolour for the first time
  • Experienced sketchers who want to add wash quickly without fuss
  • Students trying out urban sketching for the first time


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