Sketching is the perfect antidote to the always on, digital-first lives that we lead. Phil’s workshops are open to sketchers of all abilities from beginners to more experienced artists and will give participants the opportunity to get one on one tuition in a relaxed and informal environment. Sketch workshops can be arranged for groups up to 25, depending upon location and output.

“I think that sketching is active mindfulness. It’s really about being in the moment, doing one thing consciously and being very much in the present. When you’re drawing it’s very difficult for the brain to do anything else other than draw and focus on the interpretation of what it’s seeing and translating it onto paper via pen. 

Sketching also helps me to take more notice of everything around me and be very much in the moment. I take notice of the details of the environment that I’m in and the act of drawing seems to imprint the scene into my memory. Seeing the sketch again unlocks the smells, the sounds, even the way I felt on that particular day.”

Phil Dean,
The Shoreditch Sketcher

Recent sketching workshops

“I was so engrossed in sketching, I just realised that I haven’t even looked at my phone for the last two hours and I can’t remember the last time that happened”

Ellen, London