A drawing is a thousand times more evocative than a photograph can ever be. A drawing captures the soul and character of the subject, allowing artistic licence full reign to connect with the viewer.

There is no better way to capture a scene than sketching ‘live’ on location and there is something very true and engaging about the result. A drawing is never intended to be a photographic representation of the subject, but a portrayal of the spirit of the scene, and the very essence of the subject matter is captured in a way that photography never can.

If sketching live is not an option for whatever reason, then excellent results can be achieved by drawing from existing photography if the quality is good. Sketches can be created from photographic references, architectural drawing, Google street view images or any other kind of high quality reference material.

Phil’s style is perfectly suited for a wide variety of subject matter and can be adapted to suit the requirements of a specific brief.

Phil is currently accepting commissions, please use the contact form for all enquiries.